23 April 2011

n0 other (:

there's n0 other like u.
when i l0ok around,they're all just the same.
where can i find a g0od person like u ?
a g0od pers0n like u.
a g0od heart like u.
a g0od gift like u.

what a relief that it's me trying s0 hard t0 protect u.
where can u find a pers0n as happy as me ?
a pers0n as happy as me.
a pers0n who's smiling like me.
the happiest pers0n.

when ur warm hands turn c0ld.
when it get's cold.
when a str0ng heart like y0urs gets damaged badly.
i'll h0ld u.
i'll hug u gently.
i wish that it c0uld cheer u up.
u d0nt have to know my heart that's always trying t0 do more f0r u.

my heart yells and tells me.
free my s0ul.
there are m0re days ahead f0r us than the times i l0ved u with th0se feelings in the beginning.

i'm always thankful.
i w0nt be able t0 do as well as u d0.

i already kn0w the reas0n f0r all of that was because u were there f0r me.


mimiera92 said...

menyampah I...
huh :P

mimiera92 said...

woi gonjeng!
susah giler aku nak bce kau nyer tulisan nih..x nampak lah der!

sol said...

org rabun jew xnampak :P

izfa said...

sol da dewase.....
tersentap aku...huhu... sweet~

izfa said...

sol dewase suda....
tersentap aku....heee..
so sweet... :)
_no other_ chaiyokk suju!ngee

sol said...

dewasa la sgt (:

Y.A.N.A said...

all the best!

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