20 December 2015

Sejenis Perigi Cari Timba

Assalamualaikum & hi :)

Past few weeks I have been listened to the podcast and the topic quite interesting for me, 'Perigi Cari Timba'. Basically, anything about love and relationship is interesting for me! ahhaaaa *merenyam*

So they talked about "Is it ok for ladies make the first move or does it make them look desperate"?

If you ask me personally, my answer is OK. Why not right? But of course, it depends on how you approach that guy lah. Kalau tergedik-gedik, kak leha pon pangkah awal-awal!

They also shared few tips on how to make it work and I think it could be good to share it with my readers (if there is T_T)

How Women Can Find Their Dream Man
i) Scout for candidates - you should mingle around and make friends with people
ii) Look presentable
iii) Use law of attraction - what you think will come to you
iv) Be confidence
v) Be friendly
vi) Be consistent & Pray

For more details regarding the podcast, you can visit them at:

Facebook : Rambling Monkeys Podcast
Twitter : Rambling Monkeys

and if you want to listen the podcast regarding this Perigi Cari Timba topic, please click here :)

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